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Jo has GM'd for a plethora of players, from various walks of life and experience levels. Since 2019, Jo has introduced over 80 new players to the game, and has ran more than 400 sessions in a world of their own creation!

These are the words of many that have been led through perilous adventures and survived (most of them anyway...)

"I had absolutely no table top experience before playing with Jo, but they were not only patient and good natured- they gave me an incredibly immersive adventure! Since my first time playing I've continued to go back time and time again to see what new experience I get to be a part of! I would highly recommend Jo as a DM for both the experienced player and the enthusiastic beginner."

— Kai, actor, cosplay, ttrpg beginner

Many groups and parties give themselves a name to spread fame (and often times infamy)

The Unshackled
The Night Brigade
The Bloody Babes
Da Boyz
Darrow & Friends
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