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What is Dungeons & Dragons?


I am a passionate performer, and when you are at my table, I aim to escort you into a fantastical world where monsters, magic, and dragons run rampant. 

I love helping players create the perfect avatar for themselves to step forward into the role-playing world. If you have a vision of a particular style of character I can offer suggestions on how to build them; or if you have absolutely no clue where to begin I have dozens upon dozens of pre-made characters to choose from; or we can craft one together!

Welcome to the world of Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy roleplaying game that encourages teamwork and critical thinking, and embraces the power of imagination. A group of 4 – 8 can participate in a single adventure, usually spanning three to five hours (the more players, the longer the session).


I, as the Dungeon Master, or Game Master, guide the game with a combination of official rules and improvisation to create an atmosphere that is both immersive and compelling for your would-be heroes.


I am a trained theatrical professional who has played D&D for over 15 years, and I bring the characters the players interact with to life through a myriad of dialects, physicalization, and sound effects. 

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